Reach Your Community

The place to begin in reaching your community is by believing that you can make a difference by sharing with your family and friends.

Many folks are intimidated and think it is better not “to intrude.” In a few cases this may be true, but if you are convinced that what you have to offer may help a person to live longer and or live better, why would you want to be silent?

Years ago I learned that even the most difficult situations could be impacted if I was bold enough to take a risk. I have worked with people who only had weeks to live and have seen their situations change. If we think “there is nothing I can do” then we will get exactly what we think. If we believe “I can make a difference here” we will. The scripture teaches us that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

Your journey can begin by simply telling people to explore our site and then sign-up for our newsletter. From there, people can request to be included in our “Information Calls”. We hope and pray they will be so encouraged by what they hear that they will sponsor people who need and can benefit from becoming members. Ultimately, it is our conviction that as ordinary people understand what can transpire by getting involved, there will be some who will want to begin groups in their community that will provide an even greater level of support. We are happy to help these folks to get going.

As the saying goes, “the journey of a thousand miles beings with one step.”