Tuesday, 13 December 2011 15:14

During the past 24 hours I have had 3 encounters where the subject of "peace" was raised.  No mistake at this time of year.  When I wrote on November 29, I wrote about pursuing LIFE.  It should be clear to us all that when God sent His gift 2,000 years ago it was so we could live, but also so we could have peace.  The declaration of the angel and the multitude of the heavenly host was " which was for all people...(and) peace, goodwill toward men (Luke 2:11,14)."  The scripture declares, "He is our peace...(Eph. 2:14)."

One of the groups I was in raised this question: "How do we get peace?"  Great question.  God sent peace into the world and His name is Jesus.  He came as a babe.  Died as a man.  Will come again as a King.  But in the meantime, He did not leave us comfortless.  He sent His Holy Spirit to be with us as another, "just like Himself."  He wants to be with us.  He wants for us to know His presence.  He wants us to know that His plan is to take up residence in us and quite literally be our peace within.

The question is now, "How much of you does He have?"  If you want more peace, let Jesus have more of you.  More Jesus = More Peace.  The amount of peace we have will be proportionate to the amount of us that we allow Him to access.

Isaiah 26.3 declares, "You will keep him in peace whose mind is stayed (or fixed, focused) on You."  Do you want peace in the midst of the chaos of this season and this world.  FOCUS.  Put your attention on Jesus, and you will find more peace that you have ever known.