The Group, Life Givers, is My Joy !"
Thursday, 30 September 2010 12:34
September 29, 2010

Today was a very special day for me, it was my 65th birthday.  How the years fly by.  The day has been filled with greetings and best wishes from friends and family, but the best of all was a gift I received when I went to get the mail for our office this morning.

In the mail was a card which I thought was from my dear friend and group facilitator Diane Mueller.  Her oldest son had the same birthday and I always look forward to Diane’s card.  But this year it was very different.  When I opened the card it was filled with wishes and thanksgivings from the members of Diane’s group.   One note in particular caught my eye.

The note said, “The Group, LG, is my joy.” The note was from a lady who has experienced more pain than most folks could even begin to comprehend.  Jesus said that His meat was to do the will of His Father.  Life Givers has been my “meat.”  It is hard to express the sense of fulfillment I get from hearing such comments.

When you know how that which we’ve labored for has penetrated the horrible darkness in one person’s life and brought light, life, and joy then you understand why earlier this month I wrote and said, “Let us go up at once!” and begin planting these groups in cities all over America.

Nothing can keep out the light and life God wants to bring to bear on seemingly impossible situations. 

The note brought great joy to my heart today.  It was my meat for the day.  I was treated to an exquisite meal this evening, but nothing will compare with the memory of the small note in this one card today.  I will feed on this for days to come. 

The tools will be available for you to advance Life Givers into your community in a matter of days.  When you see them, don’t wait.  Let’s go up together and dispel the darkness that would like to discourage and derail so many people.  We are well able…let’s not hesitate one moment.”