Let Us Go Up at Once!
Friday, 10 September 2010 19:00

One of my favorite passages of scripture is Numbers 13 which recounts the spies being sent to the land "God was giving His children" and the response of Caleb and Joshua upon their return – Let us go at once.  We are on the brink of releasing our video and eBook containing information that can "transform the journey and change the outcome" for millions of people facing serious illness.

You can get further information about the release here, via our e-mails, and very soon through our link to the new Life Giver page on Face Book.  I would ask that you do not hesitate, but as you know the information is available, that you share it as quickly as possible with those you know could benefit.

This morning I learned that a copy of the final edit on the video will be given to me Monday.  I have finished writing and the eBook is being edited.  The letter that will introduce these pieces will be done next week.  We are just about ready to go. 

Think about this.  Most people know at least two or three people dealing with some kind of serious illness.  If we began by telling 250 people about these resources, and each one just told 3 other people, that would be 1,000 within hours having access to this help.  You do the math.  Within days tens of thousands can be reached.

By the end of this month we can be "sharing new hope and everlasting, abundant life”, along with the knowledge of how to appropriate them, with countless numbers of people for less than they would pay for one meal out at their favorite restaurant.  Get ready.  We are about to do this and impact many lives. 

Make your list of those people who can use some help and encouragement.  The help is coming very soon!  Let’s not hesitate…we are well able to do this!