The Time Has Come
Thursday, 02 September 2010 19:00

Life Givers is coming of age!  The dream is becoming reality!  In a little more than two weeks we will be posting information that will be available for millions that can transform the journey people take when facing serious illness.

For years people have asked me the question, “If money was no object what would you do?”  I’ve answered the same way every time.  What I have learned over the past 20 years I would spend my life giving away.  Well, that is what we’re about to do.

Around the 20th of September The Life Givers Network® will be releasing a video and eBook over the Internet that will help those who are forced to take a journey they never intended to make.

As we make preparations, I have been spending hours thinking about how many people can be impacted.  I think about folks I know all over this wonderful country and how many of those people have been impacted by a family member or close friend struggling with a major illness.  I think about people with “networks” and people who lead, shepherd, or have denominational responsibility for large numbers of church leaders.  I have friends in various health related fields, business, and ministry.  The numbers of people we can reach has to go into the hundreds of thousands.

When I began to follow the call of God to “do something about this cancer thing” in 1991 I had no idea where the path would lead nor did I have any idea as to what I could really accomplish that would truly “make a difference”.  Well now I know.  When you see the link to the video and eBook there will be a letter describing what we do and the various ways we can impact individuals, families, churches, and communities together.  You may think as I did 20 years ago, and as many still do, that there’s nothing you can really do to change a situation.  Well that is a lie and if you stay in touch you will begin learning what a significant impact YOU can make.

The video and eBook are just the beginning.  The video explains the basics of what we do and why.  The eBook contains basic information that I would have shared in anywhere from three to five sessions with someone who would have paid hundreds of dollars for the time.  I am now releasing this information for $10.95 “donation” that will support the growth and expansion of The Life Givers Network®.  

I believe God’s Word is true and that we cannot possibly out give Him.  This is my offering to Him.  Lives can be changed and the journey many people are on can be totally transformed.  We now have the means to bring Life Givers to every community in America.  My prayer is that you will help us cause this to go viral and hundreds of thousands will receive help, hope, and new life in the months just ahead.